Good news - Hoppers start staged training this week

As previously suggested the Hoppers will re-start training this week with a senior football squad having its first hit out for a couple of months on Thursday night at Kindra Park. The squad will train in three groups of ten, taking in both Kindra Park ovals. Netball will meet in the next few days to work out exactly when they will commence their training, but it is likely to start next week and also with a senior most squad in the first instance.
Training is non contact and strict protocols. BYO water bottle, footies wiped with disinfectant and hand sanitiser applied before and after training, no swapping between groups on a night, a register of attendance that is reported to AFL Riverina, no use of change rooms, and the list goes on. There's a string of rules all focused on being extra careful about safety and transparent about what we do.
The squad will train twice a week, with a review between coaches and accredited Club COVID safety officers of what's working and what needs tweaking after every training run to ensure that we get our systems right. When we're happy with where we are at, we'll look to expand the training to other teams and this will be communicated once a decision is made.
As a Club we have nowhere to move on the protocols and ensuring we are doing everything we can to maximise safety. We need to get our head around the processes well, then communicate them to other coaches in the Club (including juniors) and then roll out further training plans. Given the limit on training numbers (group sizes) and how many groups can train at one time, it will be a challenge to work out who will train what nights and where. So this is small steps first up. Do it. Learn from it. Improve it and roll on.
The Club thanks you for your patience at a trying time. We're excited about getting back into it - even if only in a small way - and we'll just keep doing what we can, when we can, and hope that things continue to improve so all of our players - footy and netball - get the chance to run out in green again soon.
Please note, anyone wishing to to attend training to spectate can, but you must stay outside the oval perimeter at all times and not interact with the players.

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