Hoppers a COVID Safe Registered Business

Please Check In at Kindra Park!
The Coolamon Rovers Football Netball Club is now a registered COVID safe business. You can play your part in helping us maintain our focus on doing everything we can to provide a COVID safe environment for our members, players, sponsors, supporters - all attendees at Kindra Park - by checking in on your arrival to the venue.
For us to maintain our participation in the AFL Riverina competitions, it is very important all Kindra Park attendees observe our COVID protocols and regulations, and support our volunteers in their efforts of keeping Kindra Park COVID safe.
Check In signs will be on display at various locations at the Kindra Park venue. Alternatively you can check in via our web page at the link below.
Please following the instructions on the signs at the venue and play your role in keeping us active in 2021. Remember, if you are unwell with anything resembling COVID like symptoms, please do not attend the venue until such time as your symptoms resolve and / or you receive the all clear for COVID infection.
Thank you for your understanding and support of the Hoppers!

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