2023 Presentation Evening

On October 6th 2023 - we celebrated the year that was, our Reserve Grade Boys added another premiership to the tally, which capped off another wonderful year for the club.

Participation wise, numbers were the best we have had for many years. Over 90 footballers registered and 50 Netballers, who all worked hard and had a great year on and off the field and court.

We would like to thank our coaches, team managers, canteen manager, game day volunteers and the board for giving the Coolamon Community another fantastic year of sport at Kindra Park. 

See you all in 2024 - Celebrating 130 Years of the CRFNC 

Award Winners for 2023 - Senior Football

Under 17s Best & Fairest Oscar Perrot
Runners Up Joshua Allen
Most Improved Tom Pumpa
Coaches Award Lachlan Higman
Best Team Man Ned Holden
2nd Grade Best & Fairest Reilly Mitchell
Runners Up Mitch Mattingly
Most Consistent Will McGowan
Coaches Award Daragh Mullen
Best in finals Jamie Maddox
Best Team Man Zac Lewis
1st Grade  Best & Fairest Tim Oosterhoff
Runners Up Braeden Glyde
Most Consistent Max Hillier
Coaches Award Cooper McKelvie
Best Team Player Paddy Bray
Best in Finals Matt McGowan


Coach Jake Barrett - Tim Oosterhoff - Braeden Glyde - Max Hillier - Paddy Bray - Cooper McKelvie

Back Luke McLoughlin - Will McGowan - Mitch Mattingly - Reilly Mitchell - Jamie Maddox - Jason Mattingly - Archer Buchegger - Front Mitch Robinson - Zac Lewis - Daragh Mullen

Co Coach - Braeden Glyde - Tom Pumpa - Lachlan Higman - Joshua Allen - Oscar Perrot - Ned Holden - Coach Shane Buchanan - Co Coach Cooper McKelvie

Senior Netball Awards

Under 17s  Best & Fairest Chloe Armstrong
Runners Up Tanner Lewis 
Coaches Award Katie Boyle
Players Player Chloe Ryan
C Grade Best & Fairest Anna Macauley
Runners Up Teashia Dietrich
Coaches Award Sofie Edyvean
Best in finals Anna Macauley
Players Player Anna Macauley
B Grade Best & Fairest Ruby Vonarx
Runners Up Lucy Barkla
Coaches Award Flynn Buttifant
Players Player Ruby Vonarx
A Reserve  Best & Fairest  Brooke Dickie
Runners Up Clancy Ryan
Coaches Award Bree Frazier
Best in Finals Lily Farmer
Players Player Clancy Ryan
A Grade Best & Fairest Amy Belfanti
Runners Up Jordan Barrett
Coaches Award Taylah Frazier
Best in Finals Sarah Hillier
Players Player Sarah Hillier



Chloe Armstrong - Tanner Lewis - Chloe Ryan - Coach Jessie Halden

Anna Macauley - Coach Bec Jones - Sofie Edyvean

Coach Rylie Hard - Ruby Vonarx - Flynn Buttifant - Lucy Barkla

Coach Jordan Barrett - Brooke Dickie - Clancy Ryan - Lilly Farmer - Coach Taylah Frazier

Amy Belfanti - Jordan Barrett - Taylah Frazier - Sarah Hillier

Major Club Awards 

Most Courageous Tim Hilton Memorial Patrick Walker
Most Improved in the club  Garry Armstrong Memorial Jett Buttifant
Rising Star/Rookie of the Year Jack Buchanan Award Jack Rudd
Club Person of the Year Goode Family Award Julie McKelvie
Hopper of the Year Max Fairweather Memorial Aiden Macauley
Female Hopper of the Year Libby Mangelsdorf Memorial Zoe Seymour
Persistence & Determination Katherine Furner Award Brooke Dickie


Club Most Courageous - Patrick Walker presented by Strop McKenzie

Jett Buttifant - Mooney Armstrong Club Most Improved - Presented by Liam Armstrong

Zoe Seymour - Female Hopper of the Year

Julie McKelvie - Club Person of the year

Netball Cordinator Sonya Buchanan, Brookie Dickie & A Grade Coach Sarah Hillier

Life Member Inductees for 2023

Greg  Mangelsdorf - Libby Mangelsdorf (Posthumous)


Trevor Tipping - Posthumous 

Life member plaque presented to Trevors children, Michelle Bartholomew & Leon Tipping - Presented by life member Maureen Thorneycroft.

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