Football Selection - v Collingullie GP Demons - Kindra Park - Sunday

Back to the Kindra Koliseum this Sunday and Coolamon Grasshoppers senior selection team of Jamie Maddox, Connor Neyland and Mitch Robinson have made four changes to the first grade side to take on the Collingullie- Glenfield Park Demons.

Into the Hoppers side returns Jake Barrett and Jerry Maslin who spent last Saturday at the airport waiting for the fog to clear, as well as Josh Buchanan and Coop McKelvie, both returning from a week off through injury.  Out of the side goes Luke McLoughlin to the Magoos as well as Bay Leary, Mitch Stibbard and Lach Crawford who will return to 17s, all of whom performed well last week. 

The Demons have had a poor season by their standards in 2019.  Consistent finalists for several years, they are seemingly out of finals contention this year.  Looking at their list though, it’s still a side stacked with star quality and super contested players.  In our first game earlier in the year, it wasn’t until the second half that the Hoppers were able to build momentum and put some space on the Demons in a very decent win.  The Hoppers know what they’re up against every time we play ‘Gullie and this week is no different.  A quality midfield, an outstanding forward line and toughness down back, all pointing to the need to play high intensity footy for four quarters. 


First Grade 2.10 pm

B: Josh Buchanan, Zach Bradley, Connor Neyland

HB: Ryan Allen, Will Graetz, Nick Buchanan

C: Marly McGregor, Nick Pleming, Max Hillier

HF: Shannon Charlie, Jerry Maslin, Matt McGowan

F: BJ Glyde, Joe Redfern, Hayden Bradley

Fol: Anthony Atkin, Jake Barrett, Luke Redfern

IC: Benj Gillett, Hayden Leary, Coop McKelvie

In: Jake Barrett, Jerry Maslin, Coop McKelvie, Josh Buchanan

Out: Bay Leary, Luke McLoughlin, Lach Crawford, Mitch Stibbard


The Magoos come off their most disappointing loss of the year to take on the second placed ‘Gullie who always seem to turn the heat up a notch when they play the Hoppers.  Expect to see some desperation from the men in green as they battle to hold onto third spot on the ladder and rebuild after an odd few weeks of footy.  There’s some serious quality in this side and if they can start well, and maintain the rage, anything’s possible.  

Reserve Grade 12 Noon

Coaches: Daniel Crocker and Shaun Bradley

B: Jeremy Robinson, Andy Shaw, Isaac Pattison

HB: Luke McLoughlin, Jeremy Bradley, Mitch Robinson

C: Will Alchin, Tom Besgrove, Lach Pleming

HF: Ben Baker, Jack Mason, Sam Robinson

F: Ryan Maslin, Tim Garrett, Adam Gain

Fol: Ben Edyvean, Jack McPherson, Jarrod Edyvean

IC:  Lach Owens, Heath Petty, Liam Armstrong, Tom Heffer


In the Thirds the young Hoppers face a Gullie side that they’ve been pretty evenly matched with over the past couple of seasons.  Along with Griffith, the Hoppers share third spot on the ladder with Gullie on 40 points, with only percentage separating the sides.  A win on Sunday will go a long way to determining whether the boys can have two chances come finals time, or just the one.  The return to 17s of Bay Leary, Mitch Stibbard and Lach Crawford from first grade will give the Hoppers one of the best midfields in the league.  If they, along with the ever improving Harry Allen, can win their side more than their share of the footy, the young men in green are well and truly in this contest.

Under 17s 10.20 am

Coaches: Hayden Bradley and Max Hillier

B: Will Doyle, Jake Neale, Jack Foster

HB: Jake Fifield, Callum Burns, Jake Manley

C: Alim Farah, Bayden Leary, Darcy Mackay

HF: Hugh Wakefield, Godfrey Okerenyang, Lachie Payne

F: Archer Bucheggar, Will McGowan, Damian Wells

Fol: Harry Allen, Lach Crawford, Mitch Stibbard

IC: Colt Parker, Nate Bloor, Sam Neale, Jake Seymour, Ash Crawford


Go Green Men!!

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