Game Day Awards v Collingullie Demons

Pretty crisp at the Crossroads last Saturday as we took on the Collingullie-Glenfield Park Demons.  Overall another great effort everywhere.  Though we didn’t get the results of the previous week, every team turned up to play despite a loss of player availability for most teams due to the long weekend.

Well done to all the award winners.  And well done to everyone who got back to the Commercial Club after the game.  It’s always a great setting for awards, you can get a great feed, we’re treated well and respected.  Fantastic look for our Club.  If you haven’t been there after game day, put a note in the diary for our next visit following the Turvey Park game on Saturday 20 July.

Next Game: Round 8 v Wagga Tigers at the Kindra ‘Koliseum’ on Sunday 16 June, double-up Seniors and Juniors.



First Grade:

The Hoppers played some decent contested footy in the first half, but a seven goal second quarter from the Demons, helped by some theatrics and a couple of handy free kicks in front of goal, saw our boys down by four kicks at one point.  But the Hoppers refused to lay down and a Matt McGowan goal on the stroke of half time found us trailing by 11 points at the long break. 

Half time was a bit of an honesty session from the coaches and the Hoppers stood up and went to another gear in the second half, tearing through the Gullie defence on the back of spirited pressure acts around the footy, a mountain of handball run and carry and some sharp kicking, to land 76 points to Gullie’s 15 on the way home.  The Hoppers had 21 contributors on the day, led fiercely by the midfield especially in the second term, but none were better than Jake Barrett who was in and under at the contest, led amazingly on the long kick when pushed forward, and who’s voice lifted his team mates all game.  Jerry Maslin was a late inclusion into the side and his contestability around the footy and relentless leads was a major hassle for the Demons, while Matt McGowan reaped some great rewards from his persistent practising on the set shot on the training track, and had a day out with the boot.

Hoppers 19-15-129 defeated Collingullie 12-7-79

Goal Kickers: M. McGowan 5, J. Maslin 4, J. Barrett 3, L. Redfern 2, J. Redfern 2, M. Hillier 2, C. McKelvie

Notable Mentions: J. Barrett, M. Hillier, L. Redfern, A. Atkin, M. McGowan, J. Maslin

Award Winners: Jake Barrett (Commercial Club – the whole thing), Max Hillier (Head Gear), Luke Redfern (couple of wheels)


Reserve Grade:

Tough day for the Magoos, coming so close to notching the win, but falling just short.  With a few away due to the long weekend, five new faces suited up for their first game of the season, including Jez Robinson for his first game in about three years.  Welcome back Jez!  The game was tight until half time but in the third term the Demons skipped away to a three kick lead and at that point, if recent years’ was a guide, we could’ve been blown away.  But this group of green men refused to lie down, scrapping every contest, fighting for every possession, keeping Gullie to only two points in the final term and getting within a kick at the end.  Ho Leary was in and under in everything all game and among the Hoppers best, Jack Mason had a great return to form with some excellent contested possessions and Tim Garrett, beautifully suited up in the tailor made number 35, got his name on the scorer’s sheet a few times to remind his mates what he can do, in his first game for the year.

Hoppers 7-6-48 defeated by Collingullie 7-11-53

Goal Kickers: T. Garrett 3, K. Woods, H. Petty, D. Chandler, A. Gain

Notable Mentions: J. Mason, H. Leary, L. Pleming, T. Besgrove, D. Chandler, K. Woods

Award Winners: Ho Leary (Car), Fluff Chandler (Holiday), Jez Robinson (Dinner for two)


Under 17s:

A game where the final score did not reflect the contest.  Gullie got away from the start but the Hoppers pegged them back to make it anyone’s game at the end of the third term.  The boys battled hard until they finally ran out of steam midway through the fourth.  The Hoppers can learn a stack from this hit out, knowing that if they’re willing to turn up fiercely and not let teams get away cheaply early and couple it with some footy smarts around the contest, they can beat any team.  Harry Allen was awesome at the stoppage, giving his on-ballers first use plenty of times, while Cal Burns was tireless down back in a four quarter effort.  Abdul Umar continued his good form with his uncanny knack of being in the right place.

Hoppers 6-9-45 defeated by Collingullie 11-9-75

Goal Kickers: W. McGowan 3, M. Stibbard 2, D. Mackay

Notable Mentions: H. Allen, C. Burns, A. Umar, P. McCallum, W. McGowan, L. Payne

Award Winners: Harry Allen, Cal Burns, Abdul Umar



Tough day for the Hopperettes, playing one of the stronger Clubs in the league and down a few troops due to the long weekend.  While we didn’t get any wins, there’s no doubt that the spirit in the camp continues to build every week.  Well done girls, keep working hard!

A Grade:

Hoppers 31 defeated by Gullie 47

The super consistent, fiercely competitive, Sarah Hooper and Ruby Alchin picked up the awards again this week for an outstanding four quarter effort against the top of the ladder Demons.  In what the Gullie coach described as a ‘tough and physical contest’, the A Grade girls fought for every possession and can hold their heads high.


Hoppers 17 defeated by Gullie 77

Real tough day for A-Res who came up against a red-hot Gullie side but the girls never stopped trying.  Award Winners were Molly Sloan and Chloe McKelvie.

B Grade:

Hoppers 21 defeated by Gullie 36

A game where the opposition was just a few goals ahead in every quarter but the Hoppers made Gullie fight for every possession.  Award Winners were Amy Collins and Paige Evans.

C Grade:

Hoppers 16 defeated by Gullie 22

Close game for four quarters in C grade with the girls contesting really well through the entire game.  Award Winners were Grace Smith and Zoe Seymour.

Under 17s:

Hoppers 25 defeated by Gullie 45

A tough start to the day for the young Hopperettes against the fancied Gullie but they never stopped trying and will be much better for next time.  Award Winners were Lani Brown and Claire Allen.


Go Hoppers!

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