Game Day Awards v Ganmain GGM Lions

A double-up day at Ganmain Sportsground with both juniors and seniors suiting up for an all-star local derby.  Last year the frost was so deep and the fog so thick, the U15s players couldn’t see the other side of the ground when they ventured out around 8.40 am.  This year, with a bit of overcast cloud and a breeze coming out of the north east, conditions started fresh, but fair.  For July anyway. 

Well done to all the award winners.  There was some seriously good footy and the girls had a couple of good results on the court as well. 

Next Game: Round 12 v Mangoplah CUE at the Kindra ‘Koliseum’ on Saturday 13 July.  Early start for senior footy with 17s bouncing at 10am, the Magoos at 11.35 am and Firsts getting underway at 1.40pm.  Post-game is the 125 Year Celebrations at St Michael’s Hall.  More about this later in the week, but if you haven't got your tickets it's time to get your act together..



First Grade

Ganmain at Ganmain is never an easy hit out and Saturday was no exception.  The intensity at times, particularly in the first half, was red line stuff and definitely no place for the faint-hearted.  The Lions got away early thanks to some long range kicking on the back of a healthy breeze and led by a couple of goals at the first change.  In the second term though, the Hoppers upped the ante with great tackle pressure, quick hands and some fierce team first actions to lead the Lions by a point at the long break.  An evenly matched third term saw the Hoppers leading by two points at the final change and – with the challenge from the coaches made clear at the huddle – turned the heat up on the Lions in the final quarter, kicking 3.6 to two behinds and put the game to bed.

The Hoppers had plenty of contributors across the park in an excellent team effort.  Josh Buchanan was outstanding down back, particularly with his contested marking, stopping plenty of Lions raids at critical times.  BJ Glyde might be pint sized, but his tackle pressure on bigger blokes was massive for the Hoppers, picking up several free kicks for holding the footy and nailing a couple of goals on the back of great work rate as well, just when we needed them.  Meanwhile Zach Bradley was a superstar down back, lining up on a very handy footballer that kicked eight goals on the Hoppers a couple of months ago and keeping him to only a handful of kicks through relentless punching of the footy and on-ground second efforts.

Other notables included Nick Pleming who was massive in the grunt work around the stoppages, Max Hillier who is making a habit of four quarter consistency, and Will Graetz whose marking efforts down back were huge and who thankfully stood up in the game a lot longer than he did in his attempt to polish off a 21st birthday celebratory drink later in the evening. 

Hoppers 11-15-81 defeated Lions 8-9-57

Goal Kickers: Matt McGowan 4, BJ Glyde 2, Jake Barrett 2, Luke McLoughlin, Jamie Maddox, Joe Redfern

Notable Mentions: N. Pleming, Z. Bradley, J. Buchanan, W. Graetz, B. Glyde, M. Hillier

Award Winners: Josh Buchanan (Commercial Club), BJ Glyde & Zach Bradley (Bottom Pub)


Reserve Grade

The Magoos are developing a habit of turning half chances into wins.  The first half was a battle royal, with neither side setting the house on fire, but neither side giving an inch.  At half time coach Weanie got the boys to get up off their bench and onto their feet to engage in some type of ancient gladiator dance around the dressing room.  It worked, with the Hoppers roaring out of the blocks after the long break to kick away from the Lions and set up an awesome win.

Ho Leary was in and under everything all game and simply ran himself to a standstill on-ball, while big Adam Carroll overcame a twisted ankle and sore shins to monster his way through four quarters.  Meanwhile Andy Shaw, who doesn’t know how to put in an ordinary performance, slayed Lions everywhere down back, shutting down raid after raid and turning defence into attack at will.  Tommy Carr and the Clock Tower also had good hit outs, while Stubbo, right up until his dislocated elbow, was in everything for the men in green.  Get well soon Stubbo!

Hoppers 10-3-63 defeated Tigers 5-12-42

Goal Kickers: Sam Robinson 3, Adam Gain 2, Adam Carroll 2, Tim Garrett 2, TJ Owens

Notable Mentions: H. Leary, T. Carr, A. Carroll, B. Edyvean, A. Shaw, T. Stubbs

Award Winners: Ho Leary (Motorhome), Azz Carroll (Dinner for two), Andy Shaw (Weekend at Bernies)


Under 17s

Two on the trot for the young Hoppers and while the score blew out by the end, they certainly didn’t have it all their own way early. A bit of gentle hand holding and counselling from the coaches at the first change and a reminder of what was at stake seemed to light a bit of a fire under a few and away they went, getting to the footy first, piling on the forward fifty entries and nailing some very decent goals on the back of quality structure and good team play.

Bay Leary picked up a handy 78 possessions on the ball and floating forward to continue his good form and was very well supported by Nick Buchanan who showed some great maturity through his selective disposal work between the arcs.  Pete McCallum was slicker than a Hughie Wakefield three pointer up and down the field while Alim Farah got some recognition for some quality output in recent weeks. 

This week it’s Mango and the young green men only have to think of their efforts at Mangoplah Sportsground a couple of months ago to find plenty of motivation to turn up and play four quarters on Saturday.

Hoppers 15-17-107 defeated Lions 4-3-27

Goal Kickers: Jake Manley 4, Hugh Wakefield 3, Alim Farah 2, Pete McCallum 2, Bay Leary 2, Nick Buchanan, Cal Burns

Notable Mentions: B. Leary, A. Farah, P. McCallum, H. Wakefield, M. Stibbard, N. Buchanan

Award Winners: Bay Leary, Alim Farah, Pete McCallum



A couple of wins and a few losses for the Hopperettes.


A Grade

Hoppers 54 defeated Lions 35

Award winners were Gemma Walker and Jessie Halden



Hoppers 27 defeated by Lions 46

Award Winners were Jordan Robinson and Chloe McKelvie


B Grade

Hoppers 28 defeated Lions 23

Award Winners were Bell Mason and Molly Campbell


C Grade

Hoppers 26 defeated by Lions 42

Award Winners were Sarah Frame and Flynn Buttifant


Under 17s

Hoppers 16 defeated by Lions 41

Award winners were Brinley Lewis and Lani Brown


Go Hoppers!

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