Game Day - Round 3 Awards v Mangoplah

Mixed results at Mangoplah on the weekend, but great to get a fantastic day down south where the weather can be very unkind sometimes.

Well done to all the award winners.


First Grade:

Hoppers 12-12-84 defeated Mangoplah CUE 8-8-56

Goal Kickers: J. Maslin 4, M. Hillier 2, L. Redfern 2, N. Pleming, J. Barrett, B. Gillett, J. Redfern

Notable Mentions: L. Redfern, A. Atkin, M. Hillier, L. Dhurrkay, J. Barrett, J. Redfern

Award Winners: Luke Redfern, Anthony Atkin, Max Hillier


Reserve Grade:

Hoppers 12-5-77 defeated Mangoplah CUE 5-5-35

Goal Kickers: S. Senior 2, J. Mason 2, S. Robinson 2, D. Chandler 2, J. Edyvean, T. Besgrove, H. Bradley, T. Stubbs

Notable Mentions: W. Alchin, M. Bradley, H. Bradley, T. Stubbs, J. Edyvean, Z. Bradley

Award Winners: Sam Robinson, Isaac Pattison, Matt Bradley


Under 17s:

Hoppers 6-6-42 defeated by Mangoplah CUE 5-15-45

Goal Kickers: A. Umar 3, W. McGowan, J. Manley, H. Wakefield  
Notable Mentions: M. Mattingly, A. Umar, B. Leary, L. Crawford, M. Stibbard, P. McCallum  
Award Winners: Mitch Mattingly, Abdul Umar, Bayden Leary 


NETBALL Award Winners

A Grade:  Lauren Barton and Ruby Alchin

A-Reserve: Maddie Owens and Jordan Robinson

B Grade: Anna Hunt and Monique McKinley

C Grade: Flynn Buttifant and Sophie Buchanan

Under 17s: McKenzie Mitchell and Claire Allen  

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