Extend Physiotherapy continue Hopper Care in 2020

The CRFNC is rapt to announce that Extend Physiotherapy has agreed to provide physiotherapy support to the Hoppers again throughout 2020.


As part of the relationship, Extend Physiotherapy will provide in-season post game assessments and care for footballers and netballers every Tuesday from 6pm at training (and even old runners with bad knees).

Following up, subsidised initial treatments in its clinic will be available to players requiring it – a $15 saving per player!

Additionally, as part of physio being as much about prevention as it is cure, all players have the option of taking up a free-of-charge sports injury booklet outlining warm-up, stretches, cool down, nutrition and injury management.

It's all part of the Extend Physiotherapy service and it's sure to prove invaluable to our Men and Women in Green as we look to go a couple of games better in 2020.

If you need physiotherapy support and want professional, reliable and honest appraisals and service, look no further than Extend Physiotherapy.

Thank you to Luke and Tim and the whole team at Extend Physiotherapy for coming on board again with the Hoppers in 2020!

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